PERISCOPE Workshop ”Drone applications maritime industry”


Datum: 02.09.2019

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International workshop in Rotterdam from 13.00 till 17.00, 2nd September 2019.

This program will give an overview what is happening today with clear practical examples and highlight the challenges we have to grow into a real market. With speakers from various European countries we will analyses the present challenges and finding a way forward to expand the market.

A workshop intended for the maritime professional and the drone industry, where do we meet?

13.00u Walk in with lunch
13.30u Opening

Preliminary program:

  • Welcome and introduction, Arjen Uytendaal, Nederland Maritiem Land
  • What is happening ?, short overview market, David Knukkel, RIMS

Examples of present or near future applications (20 min each.)

  • AeRial System and Anti piRacy System (ARSx2), University of the Aegean, Marine Remote Sensing Group (tbc)
  • Inspections on ships with drones, David Knukkel, RIMS
  • Testing drone platforms and applications in a marine environment in Waterford, Ireland. Dr Stephanie Keogh, Maynooth University, U-Flyte Research
  • Strategy on the use of drones, (EU) regulatory issues – Ingo Kroon, AIRPASS.
  • Quality demands, approval classification societies Bureau Veritas
15.30u Break
15.50u Continuation

  • Discussion A what is hampering the business to grow into a real market, where is the business case
  • Discussion B what do we need in order to make a next step.
17.00u Drinks
17.30u End

The workshop is free of charge, however we do apply a no show fee of €50!



Rotterdam Offshore Group
Waalhaven O.Z., Rotterdam
(Port number 2226)
Drutenstraat 7
3087CC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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