Onboard noise & vibration

Begindatum: 15.11.2017
Einddatum: 16.11.2017

Maritieme toeleveranciers, Scheepsbouw

Control of noise and vibration onboard ships is a topic of increasing importance to the international shipbuilding industry. Noise and vibration have a major impact on ships, ship systems and the environment. The need for more expertise to reduce or avoid altogether the effects of noise and vibration is a growing international trend. Priorities are the fast development and implementation of electronics in ship’s equipment, the need for more comfort onboard (especially on cruise vessels and superyachts), increasing environmental awareness and structural damage to ships.



During this course you will learn more about the principles of noise and vibration and how to attenuate their effects. The training covers 4 main subjects:

  • Shipboard noise control
    – Basics of noise control
    – The acoustic consultancy process during ship design and building
    – Regulations for noise on ships
    – Representative noise levels in ships
    – Noise level prediction at the design stage
    – Machinery noise reduction
    – Air conditioning, ventilation and exhaust noise
    – Noise control in engine rooms, workshops and ECR
    – Noise reducing measures in accommodation areas
  • Shipboard vibration
    – Hull girder vibration
    – Deckhouse vibration
    – Propeller excitation
    – Main engine excitation
    – Vibration of local ship structures
    – Flexible mounting
    – Vibration measurements
    – Vibration standards
  • Basic principles of dynamics, vibration and shock
    – Shock and vibration excitation
    – Mass-spring systems
    – Damage (probably) caused by shock and vibration
    – Experimental and analysis techniques
  • Hydrodynamic excitation forces
    – Excitation forces
    – Propeller-induced hull pressure fluctuations

Target group and lecturers

This course is of interest to (project)engineers, naval architects, R&D managers and instructors. Lecturers of the knowledge institutes MARIN and TNO will provide you with knowledge about the subjects as listed above. Thanks to its international setting, the course offers you and your company an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and network with colleagues, clients and/or suppliers. This knowledge will enable you to better position your company as a co-maker in the shipbuilding process.


15th and 16th November 2017


Two days


Day 1 09.00 – 20.00

Day 2 09.00 – 17.00


TNO Structural Dynamics – Leeghwaterstraat 44 in Delft – the Netherlands


Between 10 and 20


Members € 1.500,-
Non-members € 1.850,-

These fees include all training materials, catering and lunches (excluding 21% VAT). Training materials comprise a specially developed book, the use of computer programs and demonstrations at a test facility.


You will receive a confirmation of participation, including a route description and a list of nearby hotels a few weeks before start of the training.