Future Drone Applications in Maritime and Offshore Industries



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The tasks and missions that aerial drones can accomplish are accelerating. While safety concerns about flying over people and cities have led to zoning restrictions, the case has been different over water. Maritime and offshore applications for aerial drones have become the wild west. Consortium projects are needed to continue to push this evolution, and the seminar will work towards this end.

Partnering up makes a lot of sense in innovation

The program for the event is based on the methods developed in the EU-PERISCOPE Project, where matchmaking is done with potential partners around interest areas to streamline project applications.

Please indicate your two topic preferences at sign-up

Because the development of drones will be based on where they are stationed, the day will be organized to introduce and discuss the different sites of their application. At registration, participants should to indicate your areas of interest by choosing 2 topics from breakout session (see the program below).

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09:45  Access granted to the collaborative online workspace

10:00  Welcome and presentations

  • Maritime restrictions and zoning: do’s and don’t over the water
  • Galileo and 5G: capabilities of the future

10:30  Breakout introduction


  • Drones at ports
  • Drones offshore at wind farms
  • Drones at Offshore platforms
  • Drones on ships
  • Drones in ships
  • Drones at shipyards
  • Drones at aquaculture farms
  • Drones in the Arctic

11:40  Next steps and conclusion

11:45  End of event

Practical information

  • Date: 23. november 2020 from 9.45-11.45
  • Place: Online

Registration deadline: 20. november at 14.00 (2 pm in the afternoon)

The event will be held as a hybrid event. The overall attendance (physical as well as online) is limited.

Online participation


sign-up here

If you wish to know more, then please contact Matt Spaniol, phone:+45 50 12 64 44 or by e-mail: matt@mgmt.au.dk

Links to participate via zoom will be distributed after the registration deadline.

Physical participation

Physical registration must be done by sending the following details via email to Matt at matt@mgmt.au.dk

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • E-mail
  • Phone number

Special needs for catering

Your 2 preferences for discussing in the breakout sessions (see in the program above)

The deadline for registration is 20. of November 2020 (20. November at 14.00 (2 pm in the afternoon).


Whether you participate online or physical a laptop is required for the workshop.


The event is planned and it will be carried out in complete compliance with the COVID-19 regulations currently in force. In the event of further tightening of the current restrictions, participants will be informed in due time about changes.